Project Management

Integrated Global Projects has a history of completing complex projects in often challenging environments. Clients are ensured a dedicated and professional service by highly skilled and experienced project personnel. Your project requires focus and management to ensure that your timelines, budgets and quality requirements are achieved; Integrated Global Projects ensures that these expectations are met.

Managed solutions for BIG jobs requires attention to detail, strategic planning and the strength of global networks with established relationships. At Integrated Global Projects we deliver complete Project Management services that cover the entire process from start to finish, giving you the confidence to tackle the BIG jobs.

Our solutions are never far from you and can be mobilised in a timely manner.

Integrated Global Projects can offer individual highly skilled personnel or facilitate a team of hand picked professionals who provide the tailored services you require.

Integrating our Senior Project Manager into your company along with your skilled and trusted team members allows you to focus on your core business activities while your project(s) are being managed in line with your expectations.