Maintenance Management

Just having your equipment out there and operating is not enough, you need a detailed and compliant maintenance management system. These are mostly electronic Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and come in a wide variety of complexity, detail, user friendly status and flexibility.

Most have modules which you add to the main body of the program, these can include:

  • Asset Register
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • History
  • Reports
  • Inspections
  • Asset Auditing
  • Movement of Assets
  • Inventory
  • Procurement
  • Work Order Systems
  • Life-Cycle Tracking

Knowing more about your assets, tracking and maintaining them and managing the spares and procurement associated will assist you in better understanding the performance and economical parameters which may affect your operational or planning decisions.

Availability of your equipment is one of the most crucial aspects of being profitable, Integrated Global Projects can assist you with your CMMS suitability, setup, review, analysis, streamlining and reporting. With experience in many platforms and software models we can help you make the right decisions when it comes to your equipment operating at its full potential.

What Computerized Maintenance Management Software Do For Small Scale Company

For asset management, most enterprises prefer to use the Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), through which they can achieve higher asset efficiency and control.

CMMS software is a tool designed for organizations to manage their capital assets. The system helps in tracking operations, inspecting the health of assets and maintaining the assets in a more systematic and automated way.

The CMMS can help in reducing the cost of maintenance and save a lot of time. Moreover, this software can improve the daily operations of your maintenance team and streamline work processes systematically. Now let us see the benefits of adapting a CMMS software:

  1. Get complete control over your inventory

The CMMS software will help in automating the maintenance process for your assets. For instance, if you have a manufacturing unit, then the CMMS will help in scheduling the planned maintenance activity, track the status of the spare parts, manage vendors and optimize inventory levels.

  1. Reduce Repair Cost

In the previous point we spoke about the CMMS feature of automating the maintenance process. This simply means that the CMMS will periodically remind the technicians at regular intervals, that an assets maintenance activity needs to be carried out. In this way it will help capture smaller fixes, which if unnoticed would result in a major breakdown of the machinery; that would be a costly affair involving a greater downtime.

  1. Facilitates decision making

The CMMS system helps in generating relevant maintenance data with proper analysis of cost and efficiency. With the help of this Data presented in the form of dashboards, the higher management can take important decisions, that could facilitate the growth of business.

  1. Ability to Design Corrective Maintenance Programs

CMMS helps organizations shift from reactive to corrective maintenance. You must be wondering, what is corrective maintenance, well it refers to the tasks involved to rectify and repair systems and equipment’s that have some error, this error is identified at an early stage and corrected so that major breakdowns can be prevented.

With the help of CMMS corrective maintenance program, businesses can reduce the cost of maintenance, decrease the number of staffs that are otherwise involved in maintenance. (Since with scheduled maintenance the asset breakdown incidences will significantly reduce) Further, CMMS will also help reduce downtime and most importantly it will ensure the seamless working of your manufacturing procedures.

  1. Reduces Accidents

For any manufacturing unit, safety is the most essential criteria. With regards to this, the CMMS includes safety features related to working permits, risk management, security guides, asset health etc. With these features, the company can easily store and track the fitness and safety information of not only the machines but also the staff working in their factory.

  1. Increase the life line of your Assets

CMMS helps in performing regular planned maintenance activities for your assets. In this way, the devices and equipment’s are better serviced and thus the chances of breakdowns are reduced. As a result, the assets operate more efficiently, for a longer period.

         Final Word

Whatever the size of your organization, CMMS software can be a great boon to your business. We would recommend the use of Mobile-based CMMS that can help you control your assets from anywhere and at any time.