What Will the New Year Look Like

What Will the New Year Look Like

As 2020 comes towards the end and Covid-19 remains a hot topic around the planet we wonder what the new year will bring. Many projects have been shelved or completely cancelled, many people have been adversely affected and the toll on the worlds economy has had devastating effects.

Many or our colleagues have entered into a period, during 2020, of extreme downturn and hardship, many however had boomed with new opportunities and growth. It truly has been an odd year and one that most of us could never have imagined.

While it is time for people to wind down and spend some much needed time with loved ones the restrictions are continuing to stop many in their endeavors to reconnect.

At Integrated Global Projects we are poised and ready to tackle the next project, to date Australia is basically whole again with no internal travel restrictions, NZ is the same although Australasian travel is not yet fully open and unrestricted, we hope this will change in the near future though which will allow us to support our clients in person and to our full abilities.

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